DESPERADO B218: The Scars of Exos Original Story

Dragon Emperor Accor, the final ruler of the Baikal Dynasty. The Emperor who had turned into a Tyrant after a fateful incident, was sealed by the Grand Master Knights.

The Bailkal Empire was then divided into 7 kingdoms and the past became nothing but legends along with the relics containing Accor’s power. However, those who sought out this power came forth, leading to the assassination of the Emperor of Lenombe as well as the theft of Exestruk.

The story of Exos Heroes starts with a treasure hunter named Zeon, who gets mixed up in these incidents.

After some time, just when the people of Exos thought they had overcome Emperor Accor’s tyranny, a mysterious incident known as the Missing Link, occured and Exos faced another threat. Countless multiverses connected to Exos B218 and DESPERADO B218, who are in charge of managing universe B218, began mobilizing to resolve this threat.

Contradictory to the urgency of the situation, DESPERADO B218’s base of operations is a quaint bar.

It is not marked on any map nor does anyone know how to reach its location, but new agents are recruited and teams are dispatched to find the truth behind the Missing Link. One of those teams will be yours.

Join DESPERADO B218 and complete your mission. For the truth behind the Missing Link, lies beyond the endless missions and battle...

This Gitbook document cannot be used as a token investment, financial, or trading recommendation. All rights of this Gitbook document are reserved by LUXON, a development company of DESPERADO B218.

5 vs. 5 Strategic Team Battle

In DESPERADO B218, you will form a team of five agents and face the rift walkers. Emerge victorious against the rift walkers. Claim victories, climb the ranks and you shall be rewarded handsomely.

Strategically manage your mana. In DESPERADO B218, mana plays a crucial part in battle. How you use each agent’s skill every turn with the mana at hand could change the tide of battle.

More agents will join you through scouting and spirit links. Forming an elite team of heroes will lead you one step closer to victory.

Decentralized Blockchain Game

With the emergence of Web3.0, we are able to prove our right of ownership with everything.

We realized that this technology was perfect to showcase the world of DESPERADO B218 through our new platform, ‘LUXON’.

On ‘LUXON’, you will be able to prove your ownership for everything you possess on DESPERADO B218. You can also send out your agents to aid other users as well as request reinforcements from them. This concept doesn’t just apply to agents, but everything within DESPERADO B218.

LUXON will never force you into a role you don’t want. Whether you want to focus on gameplay, trading, or investing, the choice is yours. Of course, you can also participate in all of the roles above.

You, as the user, will determine the roadmap for DESPERADO B218. Crucial elements such as buffing a certain hero’s abilities to determining the expansion of DESPERADO B218 will be decided through LUXON’s DAO.

Our goal is to create an autonomous ecosystem where all choices come together.

Now, are you ready to determine the fate of DESPERADO B218?

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