v 1.4.0 Release

Update Date

  • 2023/09/26


New Features

1. Auto Battle Feature Will Be Added To Death+Paradox Battle.

- A new feature that controls the player's battle team to combat automatically in the Death+Paradox Battle will be added. Players can turn auto battle on/off by pressing the [Auto] button on the right side of the screen.

2. New Items Will Be Added

- Agent Skill Exchange Ticket, an item that allows players to change a skill of possessed Agent will be added. This item will be only available to use it on the LUXON Web.

3. Other Bugfixes & Adjustments

- An issue where the Window Defender detects DESPERADO B218 client as a Trojan Virus will be fixed. - An issue where some of the Agents' modeling appears abnormally will be fixed.

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