‘Stats’ are quantified values of an agent’s ability.

The effects of each ‘Stat’ are different, and certain effects become stronger as the related ‘Stat’ increases.

The growth potential of an agent's ‘Stats’ increases depending on the agent’s ‘Grade’. The level of ‘Stats’ are separated into five categories, from S to D. Details of each 'Stats' are as listed below.

  • Attack ATK Increases the amount of damage done to the enemy

  • Defense DEF Decreases the amount of damage received from an enemy agent as well as reducing the chance of receiving critical damage

  • Health HP Increases the agent’s Health slot.

  • Hit HIT Increases the chance of hitting the enemy agent.

  • Dodge DOG Increases the chance of dodging an enemy attack.

  • Critical Hit CTR Increase the chances of triggering bonus damage to the enemy.

  • Effect Resist RES Increases the chances of defending against debuffs and CC skills.

  • Attack Speed SPD The team with the higher sum of Attack Speed will start their turn first.

‘Stats’ can be improved by using the ‘Stat Up’ system.

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