Battle & Seasonal Rewards

Regular Rewards

Victory Rewards

In ‘Death+Paradox’, a player who win the battle will receives Arena Ranking Points & DP Metals as the reward.

Battle ResultArena Ranking PointsItem Reward


15 Points

DP Medal x 20


No Changes

No Rewards

Players' rewards will not vary on their Rank Tier or their opponent's Rank Tier. (Will receive same points & item as the reward.)

Arena Ranking Point can achieved even if Free Season is ongoing. However, players will be unavailable to achieve any season rewards during the Free Season.

Win Streak Rewards

In ‘Death+Paradox’, if a player wins three battles, the player will receive DP Chip as the streak-winning reward.

  • Streak Rewards will be given after every 3 wins. (Does not have to win 3 battle in a row) - If you win the 1st & 2nd battles and lose the 3rd battle, you will still receive the Streak Reward on your next win.

If the current season ends & a new season begins, the winning record for the Streak Reward will be reset.

Season Rewards

Seasonal Rank Rewards

Seasons are a competitive system of ‘DESPERADO B218: The Scars of Exos’ in ‘Death+Paradox’ that exists to reward players who achieve the highest points during a season.

Seasonal Rank Rewards are sent to players based on their points after a season ends.

Seasonal rewards are unavailable during off-seasons (Free Season).

Details of Season Rewards for Each Rank & Tier

Please refer pages linked below for details of each Season.

  • Players must reach minimum points required for each Rank Tier.

  • You will not be eligible to receive & claim the Rank Reward if you don't meet the Tier requirement.

  • Accumulated Arena Ranking Point will reset upon the beginning of the new season. (Includes Free Season)

  • The minimum Arena Ranking Points required to achieve each Rank Tier may vary each season.

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