How to exchange DAO Point

What is DAO Point?

DAO points are the points that allow members to vote on DAO agendas in LUXON. They are designed to enable members who actively participate in LUXON Web and play DESPERADO B218 to take part in the DAO.

DAO points can be obtained by converting your owned Agent NFTs. The amount of DAO points obtained through the conversion depends on the grade of the Agent NFT.

How to exchange DAO Point

  1. Get on LUXON Web. šŸ‘‰

  2. Click the DAO button on the top right side of the tab.

  3. Connect your wallet and get on DAO page.

  4. Click on the [Setting] tab. You can also check the number of DAO Points you possess on this page.

  5. Click on the [+] box on the selected agent list.

  6. Choose the Agents you wish to exchange as the DAO Points, and press [Select]. - You can select multiple Agents in one time.

  7. Press the [Exchange DAO Points] button at the bottom of the page. Than, click on the [Proceed with Exchange] to proceed the transaction for exchange. - Since exchanging DAO Points requires Agent NFT, a transaction will occur for each exchange you proceed. - Exchanged DAO Points will be reflected within few minutes, if the point didn't get reflected, please try refreshing the page. - Exchanged Agent NFT cannot be restored. Please check the selected Agents and make sure you have chosen the correct Agents before you exchange.

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