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In DESPERADO B218, there are various items designed to enhance Agents.

Please refer below for details of each items.

Item List

Agent Skill Exchange Ticket

Agent Skill Exchange Ticket is an item that allows players to change a skill of possessed Agent. Players can obtain Agent Skill Exchange Ticket from LUXON Staking Event Shop, and various events.

This ticket change both Active & Passive skill at once. Please be cautious when you decide to use this item on an Agent.

[ How to Use ]

  1. To Decentralize the Ticket Same as other material items, Agent Skill Exchange Ticket can be decentralized on the [DESPERADO B218 - Material] page at LUXON Web.

  1. To Exhange the Agent's Skill Select the Agent you wish to change the skill on [DESPERADO B218 - Agents] page at LUXON Web. Press the [Exchange Agent Skill] button on Chain Info section.

    Once you press the [Exchange Agent Skill] button, exchange result will appear. In the Result screen, you have the option to either retain your current skill set or decide to switch to new skills.

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