A multitude of Nations exist within the continent of Exos. Each agent is affiliated with a particular nation and certain items in the game will have a nationwide effect.

The following are the first nations to be revealed for ‘DESPERADO B218: The Scars of Exos’.

  • Lenombe A nation that was previously known as the center of Exos. It is the only imperial nation and its powers were enough for the Emperor of Lenombe to influence the sovereignty of other nations. It was also the place where the last battle of the ages took place before the Missing Link incident.

  • Saint West A nation that strives for diversity. They refrain from segregating others and tries to stay in good relations with other nations unless there are any outlying reasons. Saint West and their neighboring nation, Brunn were enemies until an arranged marriage was able to sooth their relationship. That is until they realized that Brunn was deeply involved in the rebellion.

  • Brunn Unlike the other nations that were created by the 8 Heroes after the battle against the tyrant Accor, Brunn was a nation that was created by nomads. Apart from their animosity towards particular nations due to border issues, their lack of relations with other nations made them secretive. But for the first time, they were at the forefront when the Saint West rebellion took place.

  • Nos Von Frosti Coming Soon

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