๐Ÿ†™Level Up

๐Ÿ“Œ Regarding with Level Up System (23/10/25) ๐Ÿ“Œ

- Players can Level Up their Agents up to Lv.60 only, until future update.

Level Up

Level Up system is where users can use agents and in-game materials to enhance another Agentโ€™s level.

To increase the Agent's level, players must filled up the required amount of EXP for each level by using other Agents or EXP items as material.

Once player filled up the required amount of EXP, players will be able Level Up their Agents. Agent's status stat will increase as their level goes up. The material Agents that were used to increase the target Agentโ€™s EXP will be destroyed (Burned).

Also, there are max level cap for each Agents depending on their Grade. Players must Grade Up their Agents to unlock the level cap.

Level Up conditions are as follows.

  • Players need EXP material OR Agents to filled up Level Up EXP,

  • Players must Grade Up their Agents to unlock the max level cap. (Level up will not be available once they reach the level cap.)

  • Agents that are used as materials in these process, will be destroyed and cannot be recovered.

  • Any EXP earned beyond the required amount will carry over to the next level.

  • In the case of using an Agent that has been leveled up as material, 90% of the experience accumulated on the material Agent will be transferred to the new Agent in the process of leveling up.

Please Note : - Epic & Legend Tier Agents cannot be used as EXP material. - Bounded Agents can't be used as the EXP material. - Bounded Agents can't be Level Up. - Material Agents must not be assigned to the Death+Paradox Team.

Level Up: Expected Outcome

  • The target Agentโ€™s level increases depending on acquired EXP.

  • The Agent's Status Stats will be enhanced.

  • The Agentโ€™s Skills, Guardian Stone, Element, and Status levels cannot be enhanced.

Level Up: Max Level Cap for each Grade

Grade Up: Amount of EXP from Material Agents

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