🎮How to Play

1. MetaMask Installation and Connecting to LUXON

In order to play 'DESPERADO B218: The Scars of Exos', you must first create and connect a MetaMask wallet to LUXON. For more information in regards to connecting your LUXON account, please refer to each page for details.

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2. LUXON Game Launcher Installation

Once you have connected a MetaMask wallet to LUXON, you will be able to install the launcher to access and play the games on the platform.

The LUXON Game Launcher allows access to games that are serviced on LUXON.

The launcher can be installed with the link below. Upon completing the installation, you will be able to launch 'DESPERADO B218: The Scars of Exos' to access the game.

3. Accessing and Playing the Game

  1. Press Play Now on LUXON Web to start the launcher.

    • Please agree to Information Collection and Usage Agreement and verify your age before playing.

    • If the launcher is not installed, press INSTALL LAUNCHER from the download page.

    • Those who have downloaded DESPERADO B218 CBT before, please delete the existing file and reinstall it. (Must uninstall the LUXON launcher & LUXON folder from the drive.)

  2. Press Install after running the launcher to download DESPERADO B218.

  3. Press Confirm

  4. Choose your installation directory and press Confirm.

  5. Choose your installation directory and press Confirm.

  6. Once the download is complete, press Start to run the game.

  7. Ta-da!

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